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7th December 2021

You’ve got mail

Why good old post is as important as it’s ever been

Utilising physical and digital media to boost the effectiveness of a marketing campaign.

Door Drops and Direct Mail are still one of the very few ways of advertising where you literally can’t be ignored – people just don’t like leaving things on their doorstep or hallway. And despite the digital age, it’s physical post that’s making a significant return as the preferred method of communication. In fact, with more than half of the UK wanting to work from home, 37% some of the time and 20% all of the time (UKGov), there’s a bigger opportunity to place messages directly into the hands of the consumer.

Research suggests that on average DM or Door Drops generate around 5x times the number of opportunities to see a message vs the number of mail items delivered (JICMAIL). Plus, from all Door Drops received, in the last 12 months, 42% of 15–44-year-olds surveyed searched online for information about the company afterwards (Royal Mail MarketReach, Coronavirus Research, Trinity McQueen 2020) – this highlights how utilising both physical and digital media can boost the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, giving you the chance to convey your overall message and communicate with a specific audience.

Our top 10 reasons for including DM and Door Drops in your media mix:

  1. Impactful formats and compelling creative / design improve brand engagement
  2. The onset of home working has opened up the channel to a new engaged audience
  3. Mail stays in the home for several days, keeping your brand front of mind
  4. High precision targeting using postcode and other geo-demographic data
  5. National reach– with a UK media base encompassing 29 million households
  6. Average interaction is around 15 mins during the week and 30 mins at the weekend
  7. Hyper-personalised mail will get the attention of your recipient completely
  8. 42% of 15–44-year-olds surveyed search the company after receiving mail
  9. 70% of consumers feel valued by DM, and more than 9/10 read or file it
  10. DM can help retain existing customers and win back lapsed customers

To talk to us about DM or creative services, please get in touch with nick.friend@hunterlodge.co.uk

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