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25th November 2020

YouTube Launches Audio Ads to Reach Users Tuning in via Audio Only

Article by Dan Grossman, Head of Media

YouTube provides further opportunity to develop your ‘Audio Brand’.

Audio is a huge growth area in today’s media landscape, with new opportunities for advertisers frequently opening up. Digital audio platforms have increased in number and size in recent years and podcast listening figures continue to grow.

Now, YouTube has announced a new ad product designed to help advertisers reach users who are primarily listening to audio online, rather than watching video content. The Google owned platform are testing a new way to reach users with audio-only ads. Currently in beta, YouTube’s audio ads will offer new opportunities to build brand awareness and expand reach to new audiences, utilising the platform’s existing targeting techniques. In a similar vein to audio platforms such as Spotify, the audio will be accompanied with a static image ads. During testing, YouTube found that more than 75% of its audio ad campaigns “drove a significant lift in brand awareness”.

“More and more of our clients are looking for innovation, cut-through and new ways to reach audiences in spaces that engage and connect with them. Recently we have been discussing with our clients the importance of thinking carefully about their ‘Audio Brand’ strategy and presenting the opportunity that this extends to them, due to the huge growth in tech and voice search. This development by YouTube is yet another endorsement of why clients need to be thinking ‘audio’ in their brand differentiation strategy”.

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