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27th April 2021

Why Twitch is booming

When live TV meets social amazing things happen

How Twitch can be highly effective for your strategy…

Audio visual remains the perfect format to raise awareness and convey overarching brand messages. This explains why in 2020, online video accounted for 82% of all consumer traffic, meaning video content is as popular as ever, but the ways we consume it is changing. Amongst all audiences, in particular Gen Z and millennial demographics, traditional broadcast viewing is being replaced by subscription video and other online video platforms. This is great news for advertisers, as it provides more opportunities to combine data and creative to ensure content is reaching the right audience in the right context.

One great example of this trend is the emergence of Twitch. Twitch is a live streaming video platform that combines the must-see nature of live TV with the interactivity and community of social media. First introduced in 2011, the user generated broadcasting platform is now one of the largest established online video networks. Twitch has become a global community space for content covering gaming, entertainment, music, e-sports and more, where viewers watch live broadcasts whilst interacting with both the creator and other viewers.

Why Twitch?

In the era of adblocking, content that is voluntarily engaged with and actively created by an audience in real time makes Twitch a fantastic platform to advertise on. The engagement rates also speak to the effectiveness of the platform with 6.6 million monthly unique visitors in the UK and numbers continuing to increase rapidly in the current climate. Twitch users are also very dedicated to the platform, with 62% of viewers engaging with their favourite creators daily, a further 70% of them donating money to these creators and 64% of them purchasing products they recommend.

How can Twitch be utilised?

Twitch is the perfect platform to successfully raise awareness of brands, specifically brands targeting millennial or Gen Z audiences, with 57.6% of audiences aged 16-19. It offers lots of different advertising opportunities through premium media products, including native site integrations such as high impact display units or Cross Screen and unskippable video ads, and brand partnerships or sponsorships which gives brands access to inherent credibility and influence through a streamers audience.

Getting Started

With any new innovation, its important to match the energy and make sure your advertising is equally as outside the box. Its imperative that the creative engages Twitch’s already highly engaged audience through high quality video and an understanding of the audience. Hunterlodge have already ran multiple successful Twitch campaigns for our clients and are excited to run many more as the platform evolves.

To find our how Hunterlodge can create a successful Twitch campaign for your brand, contact kim.mclellan@hunterlodge.co.uk

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