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28th July 2018

Why is it so DAM important? Four benefits of a digital asset management system

How many times have you heard the phase ‘Content is King’ by the famous Bill Gates? 

Thanks to Bill, the phase has become somewhat of a mantra among marketeer’s.

But did Bill have any advice as to what on earth we would do to centralise, organise and securely share this huge volume of content? With both internal and external teams? Globally?

Do not fear – businesses of all sizes are finding huge benefits by consolidating their digital content using a digital asset management system (DAM), fast becoming the heart of their sales and marketing ecosystem.

Four benefits of a DAM system:

Get to market faster 

Digital asset management systems are helping businesses get campaigns or projects to market faster. By instantly sharing all types of assets with associates, partners, and vendors, DAMs provide your global team with the approved content to go live faster than ever before.

Improve efficiencies in internal processes 

Implementing efficient and innovative processes for delivering digital communications is a growing necessity across all markets and industries. A digital asset management system both streamlines processes, and saves time by repurposing and easy sharing.

Improve marketing intelligence and measurement of return on marketing investments (ROMI) 

The ROI of DAM is all about marketing success. What is it really costing your team NOT to have a DAM solution?
(Warning: you may need a calculator and to be seated!) Simply edit the values as required.

ROI #1: Money spent searching for assets


4 people

4 hours per week

£25 per week

= £20,800 spend per year searching for assets

ROI #2: Money spend on content distribution


20 hours per month

£25 per hour

£500 per month

= £6,000

Spent per year distributing content.

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Make legal happy

Business’s understand that a successful content strategy is not just about compatibility, it’s also about compliance. With a DAM system, you can ensure all digital assets are legally compliant across all channels of distribution. Wouldn’t we all love to make legal happy?

So here it is, Hunterlodge introduces DAM

DAM allows you to centralise, organise and securely share your assets with teams or individuals across the globe.

With full asset control, 24/7 security monitoring, and permission-based user restrictions, DAM makes accessing the right assets easy. It is both time and cost effective ultimately increasing the ROI of any marketing campaign, activity or individual piece of collateral. Find out more here

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