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29th December 2020

Why ‘creativity’ is needed now more than ever!

Time for thinking...

Great webinar from the CMA on the need for creativity. Frames the need for finding the opportuntity and ‘Optimistic Action’.

We’ve been rewinding with the CMA (Content Marketing Association) and catching up on some of the most popular webinars, curated by our Head of Content Sarah Miles. Standout for us was Mat O’Brien’s Why creativity matters more now than ever before. At a time when people need hope and optimism, it’s the brands that acknowledge the challenges of today while helping consumers see a brighter tomorrow that will fly. And those that offer their audiences the chance to get involved in creating that optimistic content will be the ones that reach new heights.


We’ve also been observing how brands that offer help and advice to their audiences – as opposed to hard-selling their services and products – are the ones who reap long-term rewards. It’s those brands displaying true EMPATHY with their customers that are succeeding above others, delivering the right content at the right time in the most innovative ways. Simon Sinek’s view on optimism over positivity was enlightening and the core message driven throughout, that in every crisis there is also an opportunity, was quite simply inspiring.




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