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6th May 2021

Webinar: How to develop an effective brand strategy to support Chinese student recruitment.

Brought to you by Sinorbis and Educated Solutions. Hosted by Simon Bracewell, Hunterlodge.

Insight from our Education Director


Our Education Director, Simon Bracewell, was delighted to be invited to host the inaugural webinar from Sinorbis and Educated Solutions last week discussing ‘How to develop an effective brand strategy to support Chinese student recruitment’ a topic that is really important to student recruiters more than ever in the current climate.



As a market, China cannot be underestimated by UK educators, in 2019 over 140,000 Chinese students enrolled at a UK HEI, we have seen over 50% growth in the last 5 years with China now sending more students to the UK than the entire EU


China is vast, its ambitious and its growing, There are 130 million Chinese citizens aged between 18 and 23, with approximately 30 million 18 year olds.  It doesn’t take a mathematical brain to conclude that any marginal gain on your Chinese recruitment can equate to significant increase. The Chinese Government recognise the importance of education as a key economic driver and the aspirational Chinese middle classes see education as a way to progress and are not hesitating to invest in their futures.


Marketing in China is complex and you need to equip yourselves with the right skills and tools. Currently travel from the UK is costly and restricted.  Face to face engagement has restarted in China, but do you have the means to be part of the conversation if you don’t have colleagues based in China?

China and the china market is enormous – many might even say overwhelming.  You need to focus.

And more importantly than ever in this post pandemic world, you need a blended approach to communication and outreach.


You can hear from sector experts: Scott Williams of University of East London, Caroline Dowler of Marketing Dimensions; Jeremy Phillips of Educated Solutions and Desmond Kohn of Sinorbis in this really insightful webinar.  Watch it here: https://info.sinorbis.com/educated-solutions-webinar-recording


For help with any element of international student recruitment contact simon.bracewell@hunterlodge.co.uk



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