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23rd December 2021

Unlocking the power of addressable TV

Channel the benefits of TV advertising with Addressable TV

TV can drive a 20-50% uplift to Social, Display, Radio and OOH metrics, to name just a few.

All advertisers, from the smallest to the biggest spenders, now have access and the opportunity to channel into the benefits of TV advertising with Addressable TV.

We all know how effective TV can be. Not only can we build awareness, trust or change perceptions with great reach, impact and creative execution, but we can now drive sales and action to highly targeted audiences with small budgets and greater flexibility than ever.  TV is still considered the channel to have the greatest impact upon other media channels, driving a 20-50% uplift to Social, Display, Radio and OOH metrics, to name just a few.

Here at Hunterlodge, we use a wide range of providers to build a bespoke solution for our clients. We combine the impact of TV with granular digital targeting capabilities using platforms such as Finecast, Sky AdSmart and ITV Hub.

With the use of household data, such as Experian, Mastercard, YouGov and Acxiom, we can cherry pick households, locations and regions down to postcode level to ensure our campaigns are as effective as possible with minimal wastage. Our ads are only served when our defined audience is watching and the scalability of campaigns is huge.

We know all consumers, especially younger audiences, are watching less traditional TV. However, we  know that most audiences, especially the youth audiences are watching more TV & Video content than ever before. It’s the platforms and devices that are changing, along with more on-demand & streaming with less scheduled opportunities and appointments to view. We need to reach out to where our audiences are viewing and understand ever changing media consumption habits.

If you’d like to discuss how TV can give your marketing a long term boost, then get in touch with kim.mclellan@hunterlodge.co.uk

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