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17th October 2023

Understanding Global Student Perspectives

Our top 10 insights from the latest QS and IDP Research.

Tailored approaches, affordability, efficiency, environmental consciousness, and flexible learning options are pivotal in attracting international students.

In international education, it’s crucial to understand the nuanced motivations and barriers of students worldwide. Here are our top 10 insights from the QS International Student Survey (ISS) and IDP’s extensive research.

  1. Affordability vs Reputation: Many African students prioritise institutions offering scholarships or tuition fee discounts, making affordability a key factor in their decision-making process.
  2. Nigeria’s Postgraduate Preference: Over 60% of Nigerian students express a preference for postgraduate taught programs, indicating a strong inclination towards advanced studies.
  3. East Asian Emphasis on Rankings: Students from East Asia, including China and South Korea, highly prioritise university rankings and reputation when choosing their study destinations, reflecting the region’s fierce job market competition.
  4. Flexible Learning Demands: Nearly half of the surveyed students express interest in hybrid learning experiences, emphasising the growing demand for flexibility in education delivery.
  5. Impact of Post-Study Work Opportunities: Countries like Canada, Australia, and the UK offering post-study work opportunities are increasingly attractive. Such opportunities significantly influence the decisions of international students.
  6. Continued Importance of Scholarships: Scholarships remain essential, not just for financial reasons but also as a source of pride and prestige, particularly for postgraduate students in regions like Vietnam.
  7. Environmental and Social Responsibility: 80% of surveyed candidates believe that universities should be doing more to further the sustainability agenda and combat climate change, emphasising the growing importance of environmental initiatives.
  8. Multiple Intakes Importance: Nearly a third of surveyed candidates viewed courses offering multiple intakes as crucial in their decision-making process, highlighting the significance of flexible enrolment options for international students.
  9. Influence of Quick Responses: Fast enquiry and application response times are vital for students from East Asia, where limited places are available for specific courses. Efficiency in communication significantly impacts recruitment success.
  10. Post-Study Work Visa Duration: Two-thirds of candidates would be more likely to consider the UK as a destination if the post-study work visa duration was extended from two to three years, showcasing the potential impact of policy changes on student preferences.

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