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7th February 2024

UCAS and Springpod have teamed up for an exciting Partnership

Springpod allows students to Interact with, and sample university courses and work experience online.

Students on the UCAS Hub will be able to explore, interact with, and sample university courses and work experience online for the first time before they apply.

UCAS and Springpod have formed a strategic partnership set to launch in spring 2024, providing students on the UCAS Hub to explore, interact with, and sample university courses and work experience online for the first time before they apply. This collaboration strives to facilitate informed decision-making through a free “try before you buy” approach, providing virtual access to:

  1. Subject Spotlights – interactive university course tasters featuring real-life lectures and seminars. Students can experience a variety of courses.
  2. Work experiences – Virtual work experiences with prominent employers like the NHS and Airbus.

UCAS Chief Executive (Interim) Sander Kristel said: “This is a fantastic innovation offering all students with a UCAS Hub account the opportunity to explore their next steps through free virtual experiences of university and work life.  This will be fundamental in further supporting students in making informed decisions based on their future dreams and aspirations while enabling us to provide deeper, richer insight to universities, colleges and industry employers wanting to reach and engage with young people on their next steps.”

At Hunterlodge, we are also collaborating with Springpod. As part of Hunterlodge’s fully integrated marketing and advertising offering, universities can expect excellent visibility to a broader student audience, providing them with the chance to showcase the exceptional course content they have available. This increased exposure not only enhances the institutions’ reach but also allows them to emphasise the quality and variety of courses they provide, ultimately attracting more prospective students.

Our Managing Director, Kim, highlights “This partnership offers universities a valuable platform to showcase their offerings, spanning various subjects. The goal is not only to reduce dropout rates but also to create targeted marketing and improve enrollment. We are eager to support our clients in participating in this exciting opportunity.”

Springpod Highlights include:

  1. Trusted by 400,000+ Verified Students.
  2. Used at 4,000 Schools and Colleges.
  3. In partnership with 300+ Universities and Employers.
  4. 80% of students who have taken part in a Subject Spotlight, say it gave them a better perception of that degree – with 62% more interested in attending an open day.
  5. 99% of students rating the awareness of careers as good or excellent.


For an informal discussion about all of this and to learn more about Springpod and Hunterlodge opportunities, please get in touch with kim.mclellan@hunterlodge.co.uk


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