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28th April 2022

TikTok is Beta Testing Search Ads

What we thought:

Search ads are just another part of the broader scheme – and for brands, they could offer significant benefits.

TikTok has been testing search ads. It’ll be another way to reach audiences by leveraging their search terms. TikTok’s new search ads do not yet include keyword targeting for advertisers, just placements for now.

These ads will be tagged with a ‘Sponsored’ label and will appear above the “others searched for” terms listing section within the user’s search results page when they perform a particular search query. Similarly to Paid Search, this essentially means that the search results will appear within the first four results displayed.

What are the benefits of this?

  • Enabling to target users searching for a specific term. This could be an effective method to reach people who are further along in their customer journey in terms of the sales funnel and, therefore, may have higher purchase intent and interest.
  • Once you run ads on search results, you can pull the search terms for ads that converted and use those search terms with high CTRs from search results as titles for your top performing TikTok’s to drive additional value.

Being able to target users on exactly what they search for would be good for TikTok as brands can leverage this opportunity to target their audience.

With strong understanding of your target audience, creating content specifically for search ads could be valuable.

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