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5th January 2021

TikTok continues to grow and requires clever content planning

A simple guide to TikTok - based on Global Web Index research

Culminates in 3 simple tips for how you approach TikTok somewhat the same, but differently…

Through TikToks string of recommended videos mixed with hashtags and livestreams, there are endless opportunities for brand exposure. The question is how do we take advantage of this? Below we use research from the Global Web Index to explore the ways that TikTok is currently being used and how we can take this information to create more effective campaigns.

How is TikTok used?

TikTok differs from its social counterparts through the way it redefines “social” media. GWI found that 52% of social networkers in the US/UK use social media to stay in touch with friends, compared with 22% of TikTokers. This means that users are engaging with TikTok in a different way to existing social media platforms, meaning advertisers must also target these audiences in new and innovative ways.

From a user perspective, GWI found 3 in 10 use TikTok to express themselves, a quarter use the app to discover how to do new things, whilst funny content is most desired among audiences, followed by creative, trending, informative, motivational and practical videos. These categories also align with different age groups, for example, 35-44s are more engaged with motivational snippets, whilst 25-34s are more inclined to informative videos.

From a business perspective, TikTok is proving to be successful as a D2C model, as businesses of all sizes from a range of sectors are able to connect directly with consumers. However, GWI found TikTokers are half as likely to use TikTok to research products to buy as they do with other social media sites, but as a result of this, impulse buying is more likely.

Tips for Campaigning

  1. Use TikTok for the early stages of sale – raising brand awareness and driving consumer engagement. We would phrase this as ‘entertainment’ or ‘inspiration’ content
  2. Tailor content for TikTok – due to the distinctiveness of the platform, brands must ensure their content is tailored towards the TikTok ‘vibe’ to drive engagement. This includes drawing on popular culture, recent events and researching trends
  3. Be true to your brand – brands can vary the nature of their videos, but don’t feel pressured to release funny content if it isn’t on brand. If your target audience is young adult, informative videos that are entertaining and can be linked to brand are much more likely to drive engagement.

TikTok has grown exponentially in recent years and statistics show that with the recent global lockdowns, this will only continue to increase. The platform is well positioned to boost its commercial qualities, advertisers just need to ensure that they continue to recognize its potential and learn with the platform.


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