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15th February 2023

The power of TikTok backed by SEO

Cristina Ferreira unpicks the #ryanairbag viral TikTok episode...

TikTok has been a major influence on consumer buying behaviour with 71.2% of users, buying something they have ‘stumbled’ across in their feed. 

5 years ago, it would’ve been unimaginable that the search engine Google would be surpassed by a Social Media platform. However, in recent years, TikTok has been a major influence on consumer buying behaviour with 71.2% of users buying something they have ‘stumbled’ across in their feed. In fact in 2022 40% of Gen Z searchers turn to TikTok or Instagram before performing a traditional Google Search.

One segment that TikTok has influenced more than any other is travel. Frequent flyers are known for sharing tips and tricks on how to keep spend on holidays down. A major part of this (as we all know) is navigating cabin bag rules. Low-cost airlines, especially Ryanair are notoriously strict when it comes to hand luggage dimensions – if your luggage is too big, then you’re looking at a fine which could cost more than the plane ticket itself.

So, when TikTok user Lily Thompstone posted a video of her Amazon bought £9.99 under-seat holdall fitting perfectly into the Ryanair baggage sizer, the video went viral – with #ryanairbag netting over 3.5 million views.

The hike in sales for these bags isn’t down to this huge reach, alone. Savvy sellers on Amazon quickly adapted their SEO strategies in order to make their bags easily findable and surpass traditional cabin bag sellers. By understanding what their audience was searching for e.g. Ryanair Cabin Bag and the specific measurements they were able to generate quality traffic and leads.

It was the combination of push and pull marketing that helped make this viral into such a successful initiative for these quick thinking Amazon sellers.



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