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3rd February 2022

The evolution of programmatic advertising

The programmatic landscape has dramatically changed in recent years.

Here’s our overview of some of the core channels and how they can connect your audience across their daily routine.

At Hunterlodge, when it comes to media planning and channel recommendations, programmatic advertising is a fundamental channel for attracting mass Reach and Awareness, while also key for reaching those niche, highly defined target audiences. The evolution of programmatic advertising now means when we talk about programmatic, we are no longer only referencing traditional digital banner ads across desktop and mobile devices. Programmatic now includes 4 key ad formats: Cross-Device Display (standard banner ads, native banner ads, rich media banners), Video, Streaming Audio and DOOH (digital out of home). These formats can now be delivered across a range of media channels allowing the possibility of connecting with your target audience continuously through their day-to-day routines.

Customer Daily Touchpoints


Multi-channel campaigns executed and managed from one platform

Programmatic provides Hunterlodge and Clients, access to a range of inventory and multiple ad formats while being delivered from one ad platform across several media channels such as Mobile, Desktop, TV and OOH.


Mobile includes In-app and mobile websites available from multiple ad exchanges offering inventory from quality publishers which can be targeted by the options detailed below.


The classic and most traditional form of digital advertising, dating back to the launch of programmatic debuted on Desktop and is now second to mobile when comparing volume of available inventory and website page views*. Targeting options detailed below;

*Share of website page views in the UK: Desktop @ 46.6%, Mobile, 46.7% Tablets 6.4% Others 0.24%

Connected TV

CTV also known as addressable TV has the added benefit of TV content while taking advantage of IP and granular digital targeting capabilities. With 67% of UK households reported to own a Smart TV compared to 11% in 2014, this will be an ever increasing market. CTV programmatic provides access to streaming interest specific content, the latest shows and news across a range of publishers. Targeting options available as below;


DOOH has been a fast growing format since the launch in 2005, with over 50% of sites now digital. Leading UK and International suppliers such as Ocean, Global, Clear Channel and JCDecaux all offer DOOH sites across programmatic platforms.

Multi-channel programmatic campaigns offer many benefits from ensuring campaigns creatives, messaging or targeting features are continuous and reach users across the customer journey. Programmatic features include the following;

  • Trigger based data, based on time of day, weather, location, temperature, pollen count or client data.
  • Specific targeting for when clients want to bring continuity across an omnichannel campaign
  • Analysis and optimisation.
  • Time of day, for when ads need to play out at particular times of the day.
  • Speed, with trading occurring up to an hour before playout allowing quick campaign activation.

Creative assets

Campaign creative assets can be applied per audience and or device, per format through real time bidding. When applicable, a unique feature available through programmatic tools provides the ability to apply creative assets in a sequence to deliver a campaign story.  This could be a sequence of videos, display creatives, or a mix of both. A typical sequence starts with a video to drive awareness.

Next, we would recommend a display banner to encourage online or offline purchases or to generate user engagement. While storytelling often walks a user through the path to purchase / enquiry, storytelling can also be used to engage consumers in an exciting brand message.

To discuss how we can help plan your next digital campaign, please get in touch with kim.mclellan@hunterlodge.co.uk



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