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11th March 2022

The Elizabeth Line is redefining outdoor advertising

It is set to be the most innovative TfL platform for advertisers

An iconic launch aims to ignite creativity with new formats and integrated state-of-the-art design.

It’s been a long wait, with an estimated cost of £18.7 billion but the new Elizabeth line is on track to open in the first half of this year. Perfectly timed with the Queens platinum jubilee some could say! According to The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, ‘the Elizabeth line with transform travel across London & the South East, benefitting millions and supporting hundreds of thousands of new homes and jobs. Its brand new trains and step-free stations will help us deliver a modern, truly world-class transport system.’

It will initially open as three separate railways with full line services from Reading, Heathrow & Shenfield likely to be later in the year. With 1.46m journeys expected through the Central London stations per week at launch, Global are already promoting it to advertisers to be part of an iconic launch. It will be the most innovative TfL platform for advertisers, igniting creativity with new formats and integrated state-of-the-art design.


Brand visibility is considered throughout the line with big, bright, and beautiful advertising spaces to draw audiences in with strategic positioning and captivating experiences. There are a vast number of formats for advertisers to tell their stories, including perfect motion and Ultra HD.

Although Underground and Rail advertising can create fame, standout, and awareness, with an average passenger spending 6-10 minutes waiting for a train, the high dwell time can also bring greater ad recall and response. The audience is also young with 48% of passengers 15-34. 52% are in the desirable ABC1 category and 32% are more likely to be professional or in a managerial position.

We look forward to exploring how this new line might become part of our clients OOH plans over the next year or so.

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