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15th November 2022

Spotlight on… Tom Brooks

“Delivering the Marriott Dubai campaign was a standout moment for me.”

From delivering client projects that exceed expectations to keeping a cool head under pressure, trailblazing senior account manager Tom shares his experiences at Hunterlodge to date.

I didn’t expect mentoring to be such a rewarding part of my job. I’ve recently been managing an account exec within my team. Mentoring is something I’ve never done before. I think I was surprised to even be asked. Definitely trial by fire but also extremely gratifying to see them flourish and gain confidence, proactively take on tasks, gain responsibility and become the valued member of the team they are today.

The ability to keep a cool head in all situations is important for account managers. I have a lot of daily responsibilities across clients and projects with varying deadlines. Multitasking, prioritising your time and efficiently managing tasks is what it’s all about. Having empathy is also important, as this is what helps you understand and communicate effectively with clients and translate briefs. As an account handler, you have direct contact with every department within the organisation, way beyond just commercial comms.

My time at Hunterlodge so far has been character-building. The problem-solving approach Hunterlodge takes towards its clients is something to admire. I was immediately thrown straight into work and given the freedom to establish my own management style which has helped me build confidence and excel at what I do. The range of clients and industries I work on day-to-day is so varied, from education and logistics to technology and tourism.

Delivering the Marriott Dubai campaign was a standout moment for me. We were tasked with creating the event theme and all the collateral including posters, a brand video, branded merchandise and more. Being able to see the whole campaign go from the brief to the event in Dubai was particularly rewarding. It makes all hard yards worthwhile. The creative work was particularly strong, and the level of creative freedom we were given meant we could create something truly inspiring for the client. They loved it, and I’m excited to see what projects it will bring our way in future.

Advertising has always been a path I wanted to pursue. From an early age, I was always that sad child that wanted to go to the cinema early to watch all the ads and trailers. It’s a perfect industry for me as it intertwines business and creativity, two of my passions. After watching Mad Men, I was sold on the industry.

I leapt at the opportunity to join Hunterlodge because of its emphasis on continuous professional development. Having previously completed my Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) qualifications, gaining its chartered status (MCIM) has been a goal for me. Hunterlodge has not only allowed me to do this but has actively helped me with my studies. I’m also working towards becoming an Accredited Member of The Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (MIPA).

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