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7th November 2022

Spotlight on… James Stevens

“I wish I’d found Hunterlodge straight out of University.”

Senior MarTech Manager James Stevens on his start at Hunterlodge, the trends set to influence marketing technology and where he expects to be in five years.

I didn’t expect to get into marketing and advertising. I’m good with numbers, so I went to university and said, ‘I’ll do accounting, it’s pretty boring, but I want to be in business.’ I didn’t know whether that was in sales, finance or something else. Then I did a marketing course as part of my first year and loved it. I immediately changed course, to marketing, and that was kind of it for me. When I got my second job that was more focused and very digital-forward. That’s when I really picked up the marketing technology aspects of things, which is the team I now run at Hunterlodge. 

We talk a lot about efficiency and effectiveness at Hunterlodge. They happen to be two of the three core values in B2B messaging, and my role. B2B sales messaging is all about telling people about controlling costs, increasing efficiency, and managing risk. So, being able to understand how a system works, where efficiencies can be found, manage any risks that you might have through things like GDPR or sending the incorrect things and, of course, staying on top of costs. Delivering efficiencies brings down costs and brings better results.  

I wish I’d found Hunterlodge straight out of university. My first job was three years of doing a bit of marketing, quite a lot of sales, and some accounts, just everything under the sun at a small company. Really good growing experience for me. But I just love the atmosphere here. I haven’t worked in another agency to know if it’s just a Hunterlodge thing or an agency thing. But yeah, it feels like I’ve been missing out on something for six years.  

I’ve had some cool projects with long-standing clients, but I’m really excited to start my first project that begins from the ground up. Let’s build it, let’s fully understand everything to do and let me talk to you about options. Seko, the global logistics company, is going to be my first opportunity to build something new. They’ve got a lot of systems in place and I’m excited to show them what we can do.  

What’s coming down the line in my field?  When building marketing technology, you usually have two groups of people you’re building for: the end users, meaning your salespeople, the ones getting in touch with clients that need an easy UI with important information that’s easily digestible, and the middle users, who will be able to use the system and need that extra functionality. I think there’s going to be a big focus on that middle user. 

The road ahead is becoming head of marketing technology at Hunterlodge. With a well built and effective team beside me as well. I’m very reticent to think beyond Hunterlodge because so far I’m very happy here. 

If your fascinated by marketing technology and helping clients make the best of it to ensure effective advertising, then get in touch at jobs@hunterlodge.co.uk


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