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17th November 2022

Spotlight on… Amy Houlihan

“I want to take client campaigns to the next level.”

The Hunterlodge account exec on the skills you need to manage client expectations, her background, and why advertising makes for a good career

To be a good account executive you need to be organised. To be a great account executive, you need to be knowledgeable and proactive. I need to know about each of my client’s industries, niches, and trends to achieve the best work, keeping up to date with all aspects of marketing and advertising. Think industry leaders on social media and sector-specific podcasts.

Every client has their own challenges. One of the most important to get right is establishing the client/agency relationship. Many clients see us as an extension of their team, so we need to develop ways of working that suit both parties. It’s all about putting in the work to build a trusted relationship.

My professional background is in content. So, I’m extremely happy with the range of creative projects I can get involved in at Hunterlodge. Recently I worked on a client’s rebranding, which included strategy, concept exploration and video content. I’ve even assisted on shoot as a runner too.

Hunterlodge is great at celebrating its people. When I tell my friends we start every Monday with an all-agency call where we shout out good work, they are shocked. Having an established support network also means that when things do go wrong—because let’s be honest, we are all human—I feel confident in dealing with the issue by talking to the right people.

Advertising for me is a special form of communication. It captures the human condition in a snapshot, which really appeals to me as an English Literature graduate. It’s a unique mix of psychology, sociology, business and language skills… need I go on?

My advice to people wondering about a career in advertising? Follow your passions and you’ll end up doing something you love. My first love is reading, and I followed my heart by studying English Literature without any clear plans. I couldn’t be happier that I did. I’m now in a career that I’m genuinely excited about. If you are interested in creativity and business, advertising is an excellent choice.

If you’re interested in a career in Account Management at Hunterlodge, then get in touch at jobs@hunterlodge.co.uk

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