Datalodge is our 360-marketing intelligence platform that centralises multi-channel marketing activity in one easily accessible dashboard – available 24/7 via a web link. This means we can analyse and refine activity in real time helping us to maximise your ROI on every campaign. Best of all it is available to all key stakeholders at your organisation.

DataLodge has the ability to integrate, standardise and visualise all campaign activity from a multitude of channels – including Google Tag Manager, DoubleClick Campaign Manager, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and LinkedIn – through the clever use of APIs ensuring you have one dashboard to view everything in the same place.  Additionally, the way we have developed our proprietary Dashboard means that any new channels that are yet to be invented can also be easily integrated in the future!

Using the in-platform APIs mentioned above, our developers have created bespoke data ‘connectors’ to access and transform campaign performance data from the source. Developing our own connectors rather than using publicly available or off-the-shelf versions that perform similar tasks means we are able to adapt quickly to changes made by the platforms themselves (Facebook, Snapchat etc.) It also allows us to create custom transformations of the performance data for individual clients if required.


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