Delivering successful advertising campaigns across the full range of traditional and digital media

At Hunterlodge, we are passionate about media and how creative ideas can be translated and executed across the vast plethora of channels, platforms, and ever-changing media environments. The targeting opportunities and capabilities to reach mass audiences or even the smallest of niche audiences is forever shifting, and we take pride in keeping up and embracing the future media landscape.

Working across a variety of business sectors and industries, with varying size and budget levels, we go beyond targeting to build relationships with audiences and consumers. We create conversations and engagement, which inevitably lead us to deliver measurable outcomes for our clients. These might be awareness, a shift in perception, response, or conversion.

Our bespoke media campaigns always focus on the end game, incorporating all the key elements of campaign planning and management from start to finish:

Our core offerings include:


  • Audience & market insights and understanding
  • Consumer journey and path to conversion
  • Media strategy and marketing funnel consideration



  • Expertise across the full breath of traditional, digital, and emerging channels
  • Strong media network relationships
  • Negotiation expertise & leverage


Implementation & Reporting

  • Campaign tracking and tagging to ensure accountability
  • Website, landing page and conversion goal auditing
  • In-campaign data driven optimisations through all touchpoints
  • Live results analysis through DataLodge


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