We know listing sites are a great way of connecting you with potential students. But we also know the time you spend chasing passwords, updating content and searching for performance stats could be better spent elsewhere.

That’s why we created HELM – the Hunterlodge Education Listings Management service. HELM takes the cost and complication out of managing your listing site profiles. So you can save money, and save yourself a headache.

The process

– First, we’ll audit all the listing sites that you’re present on – making sure they’re both consistent and effective.

– Then, we’ll recommend that you increase, reduce or retain investment based on the performance of each site – helping you to maximise ROI.

– After that, we’ll take control of the management of your listings sites – updating them, maintaining them, and getting the most out of every single one.

 Case study

One of our clients, a big London university, recently took advantage of HELM. Here’s what happened:

– During the auditing stage, we identified that half of their listing site investment wasn’t providing ROI. Armed with this information, they were able to cut their investment by 50%.

– We took control of and centralised the management of their listing sites – ensuring consistency across all communications.

– We saved them time and money – and made sure that every pound they spent on listing sites was working hard.

The investment

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