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At Hunterlodge Advertising, we pride ourselves on our detailed knowledge of both our industry as a whole as well as developments and best practice within education. Hunterlodge has an extensive range of advertising and creative experience, UK and International, across the HE sector working with clients such as University of Leicester, University of Exeter, London South Bank University, London Metropolitan University, Brighton University, University of West London, Pearson College London, University of Warwick, Henley Business School, London School of Economics, Birmingham City University, University of Bath and Anglia Ruskin University.

Our work covers the full remit of an agency specialising in creative, digital, advertising and strategy ‐ from strategic planning, branding and positioning, audience insight, communications planning and buying ‐ both on and offline, messaging matrix development and copywriting, creative, social media engagement, reporting and measurement that stretches across the UK, EU and Worldwide.

We understand the intricacies of the individual markets / audiences that you operate within including undergraduate, postgraduate, short courses, alumni, stakeholders, academics, local community, parents and key influencers and so on. However, our knowledge is focused on creating an integrated customer journey, charting individual touch points and how media, creative and message, lifestyle and academia effect engagement.

We specialise in understanding the balance between brand and direct response advertising and the role that each one plays in the recruitment process. In education, it is often a case of making sure that a brand is front of an audience’s mind before implementing harder working recruitment campaigns. We have considerable experience in devising bold brand campaigns (for overarching awareness and perception) as well as innumerable recruitment campaigns (e.g. Main Cycle, Events, Open Days, Outreach, UCAS Choices, January Starts, UCAS Extra, Clearing, International, Online Programmes, Employer Engagement, etc) that serve both the broader institution and the numerous faculties within that institution.

We also have a number of bespoke education focused tools and services to drive insight and improve results including:

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