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Marketing technology is at the core of our agency service offering, so much so, we believe that behind every good idea is a great piece of technology. Our technical arsenal focuses on helping our clients gain a better understanding of audiences, their decision pathways and end to end marketing performance. Although we have many proprietary technologies, we are a breath of fresh air, as our stand point is to remain completely technology agnostic. This means that we can work with clients to maximise current technologies or suggest new solutions to plug gaps and solve problems.  We organise our technologies into three distinct categories to drive insight, performance and conversion.


Jump to: InsightPerformance & Optimisation | Conversion & Nurture

Insight is fundamental to everything we do, it drives how we think, the action we take and the reactions we make. We use a range of strategic approaches combined with technology to ensure that we cut through and engage with high relevance delivering unbeatable marketing ROI. From proprietary research tools like Prism3 and Persona to partners such as Toluna and YouGov, we specialise in taking the right approach to uncovering the right insight. We will also use our industry partners – IPA, GWI, CIM, OPMA, OAA, RAJAR, Thinkbox, PMA, etc – combined with numerous media partners – Google, Bing, Facebook, LinkedIn, Thinkbox, Finecast, etc – to plot and understand market demand and opportunity. Insights examples include:

  • Trevor Sorbie – Women’s relationship with their hairdresser mimics a romantic relationship
  • Cat’s Protection – People want cats for selfish reasons
  • Higher Education – Majority of students think Uni’s don’t give a sh*t about them
  • NHS – Movie genres connect health workers…
  • Media – in South America, Facebook is the preferred professional networking channel

We will deploy both quantitative and qualitative research techniques to define audiences, establish barrier and drivers, test proposition and establish channels to market.

Performance & Optimisation

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For a company whose brand mantra is effectiveness, performance tools are critical to us in driving campaign ROI. We work with a series of performance tools, again, with proprietary software – like our data dashboard Datalodge – to partner tools such as Datorama, PowerBI and Tableau.

Our specialism lies in understanding the who, what, where, when, why and how of data capture to ensure that we analyse this at the right point for the right reason and make the right recommendations. Optimisation action is key to the whole process of performance analysis. We are not a fan of style over substance, for us it is much more about the recommendations behind performance analyse than it is about amazing pie charts or bar graphs – although we do have some pretty cool visualisation tools too.

Nurture & Conversion

Jump to: InsightPerformance & Optimisation | Conversion & Nurture

In some ways, as technology plays a bigger role in customers lives, it makes maintaining a relationship with them harder.

With attention spread across so many devices, platforms, channels and real-life activities, trying to keep up with them is no small feat.

That where automation comes in. No person can monitor the real-time behaviours of every prospective customer that has left a signal that they may be interested in what you have to offer…in real-time…and then contact them…with a personal message…

If you didn’t think you need marketing automation or CRM, then think again.

It’s a data driven world and our marketing technology specialists, CRM experts and content gurus know how to mix the right amount of robot with the right amount human to avoid the uncanny valley and keep your prospects on the track to conversion.

We are experienced with most CRM and automation platforms including Salesforce CRM and Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Eloqua Marketing Cloud, HubSpot, Active campaign, Microsoft Dynamics and Marketo to name a few.

We have increased the conversion rates at every stage of the funnel for all of our clients who have embraced an automated nurture and conversion and we can do the same for you.

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