Pioneers in CRM and Marketing Automation

For years, Hunterlodge has been the driving force behind businesses’ successful implementation and streamlining of CRM and marketing automation. We are efficiency architects, breaking down barriers and enhancing effectiveness across the entire funnel. Our team of marketing technology specialists, CRM experts, and content gurus live and breathe effectiveness. In a data-driven world, we’re the compass that guides your prospects toward conversion.

Bespoke Solutions, Tailored for You

Whether you’re working with an existing software infrastructure or aiming to create a new, nurturing marketing technology environment, we’ve got you covered. Our expertise seamlessly integrates with your sales and marketing processes, ensuring a cohesive and powerful system.

Our CRM and marketing automation team boasts expertise in industry-leading software solutions such as Salesforce, Salesforce Pardot, HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo, Active Campaign, and many more. We don’t just work with technology; we master it.

Our Core Offerings Include:

  • CRM System and Business Process Audits: We dissect and optimise your systems and processes to drive peak performance.
  • Data Management, CRM, Automation, Communications, and Sales Strategies: Your journey to success is guided by data-driven strategies.
  • System Governance, Configuration, and Implementation: We’re the architects of seamless integration and efficient execution.
  • Data Analysis and Mining: Unearthing insights to shape your future.
  • Customer Journey Mapping and Engineering: Crafting personalised paths to conversion.
  • Automation and Data Migration, Integration, and Training: Bridging the gaps and empowering your team.

A Legacy of Success Stories

Our impressive portfolio includes a series of triumphs, working alongside prestigious clients such as Queen Mary University of London, Volkswagen Financial Services and London School of Economics.

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Client Testimonial:

Thea Cassel, Digital Marketing Manager – Summer School, Executive and International Programmes at LSE

“I would highly recommend HL. They have such good education knowledge, and having that expertise is invaluable. They have worked with a range of other universities and having that competitor insight makes you feel very confident that they know what they are talking about. I think the combination of education sector experience and knowledge, strong account management and the digital expertise which we don’t have inhouse, it’s this combination that makes them a really great agency to work with.”

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