Game-changing creativity

To celebrate 34 years of creativity, watch our creative showreel, so you can see what we’re all about.


Now more than ever our clients expect ideas that drive measureable results. We know that the two are not mutually exclusive because great ideas get talked about, change behaviour and ultimately build brand.

At Hunterlodge, we also know that great campaigns are built around strong creative concepts, delivered in the right contextual environments, and experienced through formats that encourage deeper engagement. Which is why we don’t just have brilliant, game-changing ideas, but we take those ideas and turn them into reality.

Creativity in the context of today’s world is underpinned by the fact that almost anything is possible given technology and platform advances. At Hunterlodge we work with our strategy, media and technology teams to ensure that our ideas work for clients across all channels at every touch point (paid/earned and owned), no matter how complicated or innovative they may seem.

Our core offerings:

  • Brand and creative strategy– from brand creation and CI guidelines to holistic or tactical campaign strategies
  • Content strategy and creation– including editorial, animation, audio, video production and photography
  • Advertising – including TV, social, programmatic display, email, press, radio, OOH and print


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