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12th October 2021

‘Out of Home’ media is starting to bounce back!

Insight from the Hunterlodge Media Team

OOH audiences expected to reach 80% of pre-Covid levels by March 2022.

Back in May we reported on how OOH was expecting to make a comeback and return to its life before Covid.  It’s fair to say that we are now well on our way to recovery, although it has been gradual. As an agency, we are seeing tight availabilities for some of our favourite go to formats and the statistics speak for themselves on how commuters and customers are returning to public transport.

WFH each day is finally coming to an end and although we might never return to the office 5 days a week, it’s worth reminding ourselves that of the employed population, only 35.9% actually did work at home in 2020. With over 65% of the population now fully vaccinated, our new normal lives are in full swing.

Over half of the UK population is now leaving the house to go to work each week (56%), whether it be full-time of working flexibly. This flexible working has been embraced by nearly 4 million people but reassuringly for the OOH market, this shift has not revealed significant shifts in rail usage from pre-pandemic days (3.5 days vs 3 days).

The chart below shows how the Rail Digital 6 sheet sector has gradually recovered over the year.  TFL have also been reporting how rush-hour-trips on the tube are up 17% WoW and buses are also busy again with +39% WoW.

With attitudes changing and the UK population excited and looking forward to the return to the office, TFL now expects audiences to reach 80% of pre-Covid levels by March 2022.  This is probably a fair prediction based on the fact most of us want to keep some level of flexibility gained from the pandemic!

Its great to have the channel back on our client media plans and the digital, targeting and tech development opportunities remain exciting.

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