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3rd January 2019

Optimising & Driving Channel ROI for Belmond


Belmond is a hotel and leisure company that operates luxury hotels, train services and river cruises around the world.


We started working with Belmond UK’s digital team in 2015, initially working across search but quickly expanding to social and display. The core focus was customer acquisition on train trips such as The Orient Express, The British Pullman and The Flying Scotsman.

Following success in this sector, our remit widened to include River Cruises and Hotels – developing search engine marketing (SEM) strategies expanding to deep digital engagement. In certain channels, Belmond had in-house experts, where we performed a very different role of auditing, fine tuning and then turbocharging activity – in the process we turned in-house staff from internal experts to industry experts.


Our approach is founded on developing a deep understanding of Belmond’s customers. We profiled the target audience, their attitudes and behaviours, motivations and barriers and carefully planned their relationship with digital channels in order to plan multi-channel campaigns that convert.

We continually analyse customer journeys and media touchpoints observing engagement and action. Our dedication to optimisation within this account has been second to none.

We continually look at data to draw insights, refine, re-plan, optimise, hypothesise and drive channel ROI.


The media metrics are impressive, with continual performance way beyond industry benchmarks. We completely revisited site set up (CX, UX and CRO), focusing on conversion tagging and inventory tracking to hone in on cost per acquisition (CPA).

Within the first three months of taking over search, we had not only quadrupled their acquisition but reduced the average CPA by 68% as well as delivering similar figures across their portfolio. The biggest testament to our success is the constant referral within the group to take on more work.


“Thank you. The work on our accounts is making a big difference, it’s so good to see them working more efficiently again.”

Hannah Champion, Marketing Manager

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