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15th February 2022

Out of Home advertising will be rocking again soon

Update: Mobility figures

According to TfL and the Pret Index, city centre mobility levels are rising fast

Figures for January were positive for overall mobility as workers and leisure returned to city centres for the second time. According to Three Mobile and Open Outdoor, mobility is currently at 84.4% of pre-covid levels. City centre mobility is rising fast with London Zone 1 now at 54% compared to just 41.6% in mid January. Although it’s not quite as busy out there as we saw at the end of November, Manchester has in particular recovered well at 88.2%. The Pret Index* also supports a significant increase in city centre activity with the West End up at 93%.

TfL is also reporting equally positive trends with both workers, commuters and leisure at the weekend seeing week on week uplifts. Although they are still below November levels, the data does show a quick recovery and an upwards trend.  With mobility typically lower in Jan/Feb versus other times of the year, we can expect OOH to make a full recovery in the coming months.


*The Pret Index is comprised of weekly transaction data from sandwich and coffee shop franchise Pret A Manger (indexed against 3rd-30th Jan 2020). With over 300 London franchises it provides a unique snapshot on the capital.

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