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17th November 2022

Spotlight on… Olivia Radcliffe

“My apprenticeship at Hunterlodge began because of a TikTok webinar.”

Hunterlodge’s youngest apprentice Olivia Radcliffe, 18, on her early start in work, her apprenticeship, and why advertising was the right choice for her.

Hunterlodge needed a real-life young person to talk about TikTok in a webinar. It seemed like a good experience, so I just said ‘yes’ and tried not to think about it. Hunterlodge’s managing director Kim McLellan interviewed me in front of universities. After that we got talking. He asked me what I wanted to do next. I said I wanted to do an apprenticeship, and the rest is history.

The apprenticeship is called the Advertising and Media Executive apprenticeship. Some days we do workshops in London. Other days, online courses. A big part is the Foundation Certificate from the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA), 30 hours to give you a proper grounding in advertising.  After 15 months it’s all wrapped up with a final Hunterlodge exam.

Being in the work environment is really motivating. You’re surrounded by amazing people with so much knowledge, and that trickles down to me. University never really appealed to me. Here I’m learning from real-life experiences and real clients, developing real communication skills.

Each month we do a ‘Sales Day’ at Hunterlodge to share ideas, complete set tasks and energise the business. A colleague asked me to do a ‘secret diary of an apprentice.’ I thought, I don’t want to write a diary, I want to do something exciting. I tried to think outside of the box. TikTok! That’s where I got my start. I’m going to make a video—quick, sharp, entertaining, and practical.

It was called, Liv’s Top Tips for anyone getting started as an Apprentice. Don’t judge me too harshly!

Communication skills are so important for account execs. I’m talking to clients all day, whether in Teams, in person, or over email. Email skills, too. Knowing how to structure an email and use the right tone really helps. You must build relationships and make connections, and that all comes down to communication.

Where did I get those communication skills? I worked in retail and that helped. My mum owns a wedding magazine, so from the age of five, my sister and I would go along to events like the National Wedding Show to promote our magazines. Growing up I’ve always been that annoying kid—so I guess I have a good understanding of when I’m being annoying.

Being at Hunterlodge has made me realise that advertising is my passion area. In five years’ time, I want to have a good footing in the industry, an area I can specialise in, whether that’s strategy, creative or being an account manager. I’m looking for that place where work doesn’t feel like work.

If you or you know someone who’s interested in a career in advertising and likes the idea of an Apprenticeship at Hunterlodge, then get in touch at jobs@hunterlodge.co.uk


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