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21st March 2023

My apprenticeship journey so far…

Olivia Radcliffe is flying high

If you had told me six months ago that I would know what I know now, I simply wouldn’t have believed you.

While studying for my A levels I knew pursuing an apprenticeship was the right path for me. The opportunity to gain a qualification while obtaining real workplace experience, set this apart from the other options available. On top of this, I’m constantly able to take the lessons learned from the more experienced members of the company throughout their years of work which accelerates my learning faster than I ever could have thought.

During the past six months at Hunterlodge, I have been able to start building my network within the industry and develop my own personal styles alongside the completion of my Media & Advertising Apprenticeship with Bauer Academy.

I distinctly remember my first couple months at the company, filled with nerves, excitement, and fear. However, everyone at Hunterlodge was so welcoming and despite my apprehension over the age difference, the team continually made sure that I was given tasks that enabled consistent growth and development. In my second month, I made a video containing my top tips for anyone getting started as an apprentice which you can see below along with my day in the life video.

If you had told me six months ago that I would know what I know now, I simply wouldn’t have believed you. The job role itself, the monthly workshops and the assignments I have been asked to complete for my apprenticeship have all exceeded my expectations. I’ve participated in content creation shoots for our clients and have also attended career fairs to help spread the word about Hunterlodge apprenticeships.

I haven’t looked back since starting this apprenticeship, am very grateful to have had this opportunity, and am extremely excited to continue growing personally and professionally within the agency.

If you have a curious mind with a desire to learn and develop and a can-do attitude then an Apprenticeship at Hunterlodge could be for you. Get in touch at jobs@hunterlodge.co.uk and start your journey with us.

Liv’s insiders guide into life as an Apprentice

Liv’s Top Tips for anyone getting started as an Apprentice

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