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13th December 2018

Mobile Expert, Ross Sleight, Shares Thoughts & Predictions For 2019 From Hunterlodge’s Mobile Magic Event

2019 is fast approaching, and your mobile marketing plan for the coming year should be top of mind before the festive holidays.

Check out the videos from our latest mobile marketing event,
and super-charge your plans for the year ahead.

Ross Sleight’s mobile marketing dilemmas and solutions
From the death of the banner ad to how to create a positive mobile experience and use marketing ‘as a force for good!’

Mobile Dilemma #1
The death of the banner ad?
People don’t want to be interrupted on mobile, so our approach to advertising needs to change.
3-minute watch

Mobile Dilemma #2
Facebook vs Google
Pay to play: are your ads being seen?
4-minute watch

Mobile Dilemma #3
Performance vs Brand
What is the difference? The importance of both within the digital space.
4-minute watch

Mobile Dilemma #4
Is your creative and content relevant to your customers at every touchpoint?
6-minute watch

Mobile Dilemma #5
How we treat customers
Treat customers the way you’d like to be treated. With mobile being the most personal device, respect is the key to converting customers.
2-minute watch

Ross Sleight’s predictions
Mobile marketing for 2019
Super-charge your marketing strategy for the coming year with these consumer trends…

2019 Mobile Prediction #1
3-minute watch

2019 Mobile Prediction #2
Zero UI and Voice Search
2.5-minute watch

2019 Mobile Prediction #3
2.5-minute watch


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