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4th October 2023

Mastering the Art of Financial Copywriting

Michael Finnigan's top five tips to keep you at the industry's forefront.

Navigating the intricate landscape of finance requires finesse, and innovation is pivotal to keep you ahead of the competition.

Meet Michael Finnigan, a star copywriter at Hunterlodge. Recently, he’s been in the thick of it, perfecting his craft in the world of wealth management. According to him, setting strong foundations is key if you want to carve your voice in an overcrowded market.We caught up with Michael to get some tips for wealth management firms to distinguish themselves in a busy market.

1. Find your voice

Wealth managers have one of the toughest jobs going. Not only do they need to convince their audience to trust them with their hard-earned cash, but they also need to maintain that credibility throughout the journey. It’s all about consistency, and consistency means having a convincing and recognisable tone of voice. Learn how to speak your customer’s language and make your copy reflect their financial goals, concerns and, ultimately, the finish line.

2. Tell your story

Our new wealth management client has a heritage in fine art, with one of the largest private collections in the world. We crafted a new narrative for a set of five brochures for the business around the overarching message: “The art of wealth management.” Not only did this allow us to put some of their best pieces of art front and centre, but it also allowed us to draw parallels between art curation and portfolio curation. Both require an expert eye and a constant readjustment.

3. Stats, stats, stats

Even the most convincing copy falls apart if you don’t have the stats to back it up. Often, wealth managers like to keep their data held tightly to their chests. Please, for me, put this information front and centre. Don’t be afraid to champion your successes. There’s also a piece here around trust and transparency: if you make it hard for prospective customers to find data that should be easily accessible, you can say goodbye.

4. Bespoke services

Technology is making financial services much more accessible. With more players on the market, it’s important to have a key differentiator. Your value proposition is convenience, peace of mind, financial discipline, bespoke services and excellent customer service. Through copy, the goal is to highlight the human element of financial services and the need for building lasting relationships. It’s more than just numbers; it’s bringing their financial aspirations to life.

5. Getting your message out there

I’d like to see more wealth managers put their best people front and centre across video content and socials. For me, most of them shy away from content for fear of saying something wrong. But this is exactly why a strong ad campaign, a brave content campaign will resonate with people. You just have to wonder who has the gumption to try something new.

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