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11th January 2018

London Fire Brigade National Operations Guidance Programme


The final output comprised a suite of eight videos that were engaging and easy to follow. They have been used across wide government decision levels while also used at ground level where the content faces the most detailed scrutiny. Check out tone of the videos below.

The success of the material supported the NOG team who gained further government funding for the programme. The work has been widely seen and respected as highly professional, useful and a good service with unique governance allowing the service and support to become ongoing and self-managing.

For LFB the videos resulted in the saving of substantial senior management time and provided clear, concise & consistent delivery of complex messaging, helping to reduce fires & fire deaths. For users who engage with the NOG Programme the videos provide clear and simple messaging that allows swift understanding of the complex points. As a result more meaningful questions can be asked, making more use of the senior management time available, which facilitates swift buy-in to the database opportunities and quality of the overall facility.


Our involvement included the messaging planning phases to understand the key messages required, the script development, through to character styles, voice over artist selection, storyboard and animation creative development and on into the final animation, backing track and sound effects to visually define and carry the agreed script at the right pace.


The NOG team, within the LFB, approached us with a new database resource programme that collected and refined their collective knowledge into one online source under a new Strategic and Tactical approach. They needed help to convey the complex messages of what they were doing and why to a wide audience.

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