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29th October 2021

Let’s look forward, together

Our journey with Gatwick Airport that we don't want to end

The latest on our ongoing strategic partnership with Gatwick Airport around the use of its Northern Runway.

Gatwick Airport’s public consultation around the use of its Northern Runway is currently underway and we’ve been a strategic partner with them throughout. The outcome of Gatwick’s plans could be life-changing for the local community, so our aim has been to help generate as much awareness of the benefits that it’s going to bring to the area, namely:

  1. The Economy – an extra £1.5bn for the region’s economy
  2. The Community – grants for 200 community projects
  3. The Environment – net zero direct carbon emissions by 2040

The challenge has been to encapsulate these benefits in our work, so we developed a campaign proposition ‘Let’s look forward, together’, which also recognises what the local community has been through since March 2020.

We developed a powerful creative that’s running across multiple channels from radio and digital display to social and on-site advertising at Gatwick Airport.

Check out the film, which has had well over 4,000 views in just 2 months and even brought some seasoned Gatwick staff to tears.

Read all about how we recently became certified as a Carbon Neutral Business.

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