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2nd December 2021

Turning conversations into quality conversions

LinkedIn Conversation Ads

We delve into LinkedIn’s newest advertising format – Conversation ads, and offer some words of wisdom

LinkedIn has long established itself as a vital platform for connecting with relevant professionals due to its unparalleled qualification and experience-based targeting abilities. However, with users’ newsfeeds becoming saturated with advertising efforts, it becomes increasingly important for brands to engage professionals in a way that feels personal and relevant to them. Additionally, the recent rise in popularity of global messaging apps and chatbot features have changed the game for platforms, providing the ability to engage with users through one-on-one conversations.  

To reflect this shift in platform-usage, LinkedIn have extended their range of Message Ads to include Conversation Ads. This additional format, introduced in March 2020, takes advantage of the platform’s granular targeting capabilities to engage highly relevant users directly in their message box. In doing so, advertisers are able to reach the same audience as they typically would, however costs are only incurred on a per-send basis, with messages only sent to recipients who are active on the platform.  

Whilst it’s important to take advantage and test the performance of new ad formats, it is arguably more important to approach them strategically and in a way that directly reflects the overall objective. 

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