Environmental Management ISO 14001


Hunterlodge is committed to providing high levels of customer service in marketing and advertising through the responsible use of natural resources to fulfil our compliance obligations and protect the environment from any adverse impacts, whilst maintaining operational goals and an acceptable working/living environment for our staff and the wider community. We are committed to creating a more sustainable business model that respects the limits of the planet’s environment, resources, and biodiversity. As such HL, will provide senior level commitment, and appropriate structure and cost-effective resources to achieve these standards which will contribute to continual improvement of the environmental management system and long-term sustainability. Our Commitments Hunterlodge will seek to deliver the following to demonstrate our dedication to a sustainable future:

  1. Conform to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management System and meeting all relevant Environmental Legislation and Regulations.
  2. Operating the Business in an environmentally sensitive manner.
  3. We have Set Environmental Objectives to continuously reduce Energy, Materials and Photocopying.
  4. Promoting environmentally responsible procurement of goods and services.
  5. All employees of Hunterlodge are acting to protect the environment through continuous education to prevent environmental pollution, preserve natural resources and improve the EMS.
  6. Continuously improve our environmental performance by promoting solutions to reduce our consumption of resources, minimize our waste and ultimately reduce our carbon footprint.
  7. Using raw materials in a manner that reduces waste.
  8. Ensuring that the efficient use of water resources is understood.
  9. Encourage our clients to purchase printed products made from fibre originating from forests certified to Sustainable Forestry Management Standards (FSC) with minimal packaging.
  10. Acting on some of the recommendations of the Energy Performance Certificate.
  11. Encouraging staff to minimise their use of cars for travelling to work and support greater use of Cycling, Public Transport and car sharing.
  12. Our goal for our office was to be Carbon Neutral by 2025. This was achieved in 2020 and we are now carbon negative – something that we are planning to maintain forever.

We aim to create sustainable outcomes in all that we do.

Rob Hunter, CEO          Sept 2022

On behalf of Hunterlodge

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