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30th November 2020

IPA 2020 Bellwether Report, key trends within the advertising industry

Marketing and Advertising Industry Overview

Hunterlodge CEO Robert Hunter offers his insight in the IPA Bellwether Report 2020

Reviewing the latest Bellweather report delivered by the IPA last month hasn’t unveiled any surprises. Spends have been significantly down across most advertising categories; marketing budgets are still under pressure in many sectors but beginning to ease compared with Q2. Generally, business owners are still pessimistic about future financial prospects but are moving more towards a neutral outlook with forecasts pointing to a strong recovery in 2021. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to work out that when vaccines are distributed effectively there is likely to be a positive bounce back within our economy and this last week (w/c 23rd Nov 2020) has already seen stock markets across the world begin to improve.


In my view, if you are fortunate enough to have been able to adapt to ride out the Covid storm, you will probably face the most opportunist future you’ve ever witnessed. Hunterlodge has an amazing, forward thinking client base and feel that 2021 will be our clients’ most successful year ever. We are hugely optimistic about the future and wish everyone luck over the coming months.


Q3 2020 IPA Bellwether Report – download it


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