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29th August 2023

Insights from the 2023 A-Level Results for UK 18-Year-Olds

The 2023 results exhibit a substantial downward shift in achieved grades

DataHE’s comprehensive analysis of the 2023 A-level results provides an objective snapshot of the academic landscape

DataHE has provided us with some valuable insights into the academic landscape for UK’s 18-year-olds across three subjects. The following key points encapsulate the findings:

Shift in Achieved Grades:

The 2023 results exhibit a substantial downward shift in achieved grades, averaging a full grade lower over the top three grades compared to the previous year.

This shift aligns the grade profile more closely with the distribution observed in 2019.

Attainment Alterations:

Approximately 32% (around 58,000 students) attained AAB+ grades, reflecting a decline in comparison to previous years.

This decline is significant when contrasted with the 93,000 students who achieved AAB+ grades in 2021.

Discrepancy between Predictions and Outcomes:

A notable discrepancy is observed between predicted and actual high AAB+ results.

Around 55,000 students fell into this category, indicating a substantial deviation from anticipated outcomes.

Shifting Application Trends:

Applicants with grades ranging from BBC and below increased by 10-50%.

Conversely, applicants with AAA and above grades decreased by 20-40%.

Regional Variations:

England’s academic trajectory mirrors the 2019 grade profile.

In contrast, progress in Wales and Northern Ireland lags behind, showcasing regional disparities.

Comparative Standing:

In comparison to previous years, the 2023 cohort trails by two grades compared to 2022 and approximately one grade below that of 2021.


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