Supporting SEM’s current lead generation activities with paid media and our rigorous approach to understanding key markets and audiences.


Over the course of the 2-month campaign, we achieved an unprecedented number of leads. 

  • LinkedIn - 188 leads (Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania)
  • Facebook - 204 leads (Nigeria and Ghana)

The next phase of activity will include Egypt and Russia.

Egypt is particularly exciting because after running search activity for just one week, there have already been 49 conversions which to put in perspective was more than Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania combined (39) in 6 weeks of activity. So the demand in Egypt is clear.

We’re on a journey with SEM and the future is looking very bright. 



Implementing an integrated campaign:

By supporting SEM’s current lead generation activities with paid media and our rigorous approach to understanding key markets and audiences, we planned to increase the conversion rate by at least 25% - from 15.6% to 20%. And to generate at least 133 qualified leads leading to an incremental 27 sales – a cost per lead of $318.

To reach each audience with the appropriate frequency to make the proposition relevant and compelling to them, we needed to put our budget focus on the precise audience that is currently in-market for SEM’s products: 

-         Who they are (demographically)

-         Where they are (geographically)

-         What aspect of the brand proposition (message) is most compelling to them

To gather this insight, we carried out an initial market and audience validation exercise, launching the campaign not with a broadcast brand campaign (which would burn budget fast and garner little insight), but with a low-level search campaign in each of the seven target markets (in Russia we used their own version of Google Analytics, Yandex), focussed exclusively on product keywords, to establish who and where audiences closest to purchase are residing.

In doing so, not only did we capture market insight but also a real-time response, thereby kick-starting our lead generation activity from day one, and giving us instant visibility of potential ROI in each market to inform weight of investment by market moving forward.

We deployed 25% of the media budget to this market validation exercise so that we were able to gather insight for more informed activation of awareness and consideration (PROPOSITION) channels at the next phase.

Once we had a view of most responsive markets and audiences we deployed:

  • Lead Generation ads on LinkedIn
  • Programmatic display activity dialled up the most responsive messages established in search in each market 
  • Bespoke landing pages 




SEM’s challenge was to raise awareness for SEM across the six Africa and Middle East territories (Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania plus – a recent addition - Russia). A lead generation campaign for the Wheel Loader portfolio also helped to increase sales by 35%.


We specialise in creating the perfect blend of strategy, media, digital and creative to produce the most effective advertising possible for each individual client. Our incredible arsenal of people have amazing skills, knowledge and experience, driven by a purpose – to make effective advertising accessible to all clients.

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