A beginner’s guide to photography.

There’s no denying the importance of great photography, especially now, when content with visuals achieve 94% more total views than that without.

Whether you’re looking to improve sales on your e-commerce pages using product photography or deliver greater visual content for generating brand awareness and engagement across various media, here are some basic tips from our resident intern and avid photographer, Alfie Roberts, to help you to deliver better, more effective photography.


Not only having the product in focus is important, you need to consider the features of the photograph. What are you trying to portray, how will you pull the viewer’s attention to it? Be it playing with the depth of field, tilt shift or lighting, having an emphasis on what you are trying to sell is important. If a photo is too cluttered you won’t be "heroing" a product. It may make a good photograph, but it isn’t effective promotion - unless the clutter compliments the product, for instance a coffee cup surrounded by coffee beans.


Lighting works hand-in-hand with focus, in that it pulls the attention of the viewer to what you have highlighted. You can use lighting techniques to frame your product so that there is less distraction in the photograph. Think about where the light is coming from and what reflections are in the shot? Reflections can be used to build atmosphere, perhaps emphasising a new design feature or product comparison.


Use angles to your advantage. If your photograph makes the product look like everything else, the viewer won’t know on what they are meant to be focusing. Show off the product by using alternative perspectives or aperture, cutting through other traditional imagery that consumers have become all too familiar with. Angles also facilitate reflections, changing where the focus of a photograph is..


As mentioned above, aperture can really make an image pop. It draws the attention of a viewer to a specific point. A low aperture can create a huge change in atmosphere against a high aperture. So always opt for a faster lens if you can.

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