by Nathan Marsden - Copywriter at Hunterlodge.


Agency blogs are, without question, the most important creative endeavour that we undertake. The last time we published one, a wailing crowd of marketing managers gathered outside our window, pleading with us for more insight. More wisdom. More integration. And we know what you’re thinking – how can I drag myself up to this level? What will it take to get the whole industry munching off my keyboard within 500 words? Read on and find out.

1) Use the word integrated a lot

Lots of agencies say they’re integrated, but we’re actually way more integrated than them. The mistake they’re making is only integrating a bit, while we integrate a lot. In fact, we’ve just integrated integration itself, forming a marketing supernova that’s swirling over London, smashing click through rates and driving unprecedented market voice share. Integrate that, ladies and gentlemen.

2) Make reference to ‘the digital landscape’

We all use smart phones now don’t we. Had you noticed? Of course you hadn’t. We had, but that’s just because we’re way cleverer than you. Phones and tablets have transformed the way we do marketing, but we’ll never explain exactly how, because we like you to think it’s kind of magical. In an attempt to confuse you, we may use the phrase ‘brand touchpoints’, shortly followed by ‘blended cross-platform storytelling.’

3) Talk vaguely about collaboration

We work with bloody everyone. We’re so open-minded, we let Gary from the insurance brokers next door sit in on our creative meetings. It gives us new perspectives. New ideas. New ways to blend our communications. And when you’re as zany as we are, you’re way better than everyone else in every other way too. Don’t forget to subtly reference a big client here, so people understand that your agency is still a big deal.

4) Draw a parallel between advertising on a screen and advertising in print

At this stage, you’ll want to return to the smartphone theme. Make the point that while we used to advertise on massive billboards, we’ve now got to get our message across in a 4” gap on a tiny screen. And we’ve never had to compete for the attention of consumers so much, either. Nobody’s ever made this point before, so readers will know you’re a profound person who really knows their stuff.

5) Consider writing with loads of line breaks

It’s impactful, isn’t it.

Constantly using line breaks.

Kind of gives these words more… weight.

It’s also useful when you want to write a substantial looking blog

…in like ten minutes.




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