It's that time of week where we introduce you to another new 'Lodger on the boat - meet Dom Mellin. 


What is your role at Hunterlodge?

I’m a Senior Media Planner.

And what projects are you currently involved in?

I am attempting to wrap my head around Data Valley, trying to find my own stapler, keeping a tight grip on the huge coffee mug I found, remembering not to walk through client meetings in reception, getting to know the various clients and their objectives, gauging how much Bruce Springsteen people will put up with over the office soundsystem and getting my LegRegs qualification. Needless to say - I've been pretty busy. 

Where are you from originally?

My mother is Scottish, my father is a Yorkshireman, I was born in Hampshire, raised in Leicestershire, educated in Lancashire. I’m too northern for the south and too southern for the north.

So why advertising?

I enjoy advertising because it’s about people; how they think, how they can be influenced to think, how loyal they are. I like knowing what a company wants and what a consumer wants and working with both to come to an effective conclusion. I also think that advertising has provided some of the most creative uses of human ingenuity in the past fifty or sixty years, and very few professions allow you to understand how humanity works better than advertising. Some of it is very clever, some of it is very stupid, some of it is very brave, but it seems like if it’s ‘very’ anything then it can achieve the goals you set out for.

With such a strong focus on effectiveness at Hunterlodge, why does effectiveness matter so much to you?

Effectiveness is important because it shows I’m doing the maximum I can for a client with the minimum amount of investment and time. That may sound awful on a first read, but money and time are precious commodities, and it’s absolutely crucial that we are eking the potential out of every minute we spend planning and optimising campaigns. It also allows us as a company to retain satisfied clients and develop a great reputation for new business ventures.

Some favourites now - favourite food?

I spend most Saturday afternoons eating hummus straight of the pot with my paw like Winnie the Pooh eats honey.

Favourite colour?

Burgundy. Same answer for favourite wine. Same answer for favourite former administrative region of east-central France.

Favourite project you've worked on here at Hunterlodge or previously?

My first campaign I ever worked on in media was for infant diarrhoea tablets. In terms of sheer nought-to-sixty, cutting-edge, ultra-trendy excitement, that was quite an introduction.

Favourite thing to do with your spare time?

I have been known to mess around with a few instruments (musical, not surgical) and I’m a bit of a history buff, so you can catch me either reading quietly or offering unsolicited tours around the British Museum.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

I didn’t do sex education until I was fifteen because my school timetable messed up so I did road safety twice. I then got run over when I was eighteen.

How about a random fact about you or something you find interesting?

Before clocks were invented, what we know as ‘clockwise’ and ‘counter-clockwise’ were known as ‘sunwise’ and ‘widdershins’.

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