Our staff interviews continue as we introduce you to the newest member of staff. Meet Katy Hewett.


What is your role at Hunterlodge?

I’m an Account Executive.

And what projects are you currently involved in?

I have been given two fantastic accounts to work on, London South Bank University and Cats Protection. I’m looking forward to getting stuck in!

Where are you from originally?

I’m from Croxley Green.

So why advertising?

I find human behaviour fascinating, hence studying Psychology at university. It also probably explains my love of people watching... Good advertising can be very powerful as it delves deep into consumer behaviour and thought processes. When you mix this with exciting and inspirational creative, it sounds like an exciting industry to me.

With such a strong focus on effectiveness at Hunterlodge, why does effectiveness matter so much to you?

To drive a project and see the positive results is very rewarding, I believe in developing a good system that boosts effectiveness both at work and in my home life. In fact I have been known to be a little over the top with my organisation (see random fact).

Some favourites now - favourite food?

I am assuming I can’t say ‘all food’ so if I had to choose, I would have to say Thai!

Favourite colour?


Favourite project you've worked on here at Hunterlodge or previously?

This is my first agency and so I have yet to work on a favourite project, however given time I am sure there will be MANY! I am very excited to begin working with my clients and helping them develop exciting and effective campaigns.

Favourite thing to do with your spare time?

I am a keen cook, Netflix enthusiast and gadget freak. I love interior design and finding my zen with some well placed lighting.

Tell us something we might not know about you?

I’m an April fool.

How about a random fact about you or something you find interesting?

As a young child I was so overly concerned with the frequency at which each of my soft toys were being cuddled at night (presumably after watching Toy Story 2), that I made a checklist of their names and ticked off when they each had their turn. Effective or what?

We specialise in creating the perfect blend of strategy, media, digital and creative to produce the most effective advertising possible for each individual client. Our incredible arsenal of people have amazing skills, knowledge and experience, driven by a purpose – to make effective advertising accessible to all clients.

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