As 2016 gets under way our staff interviews continue. Today we head over to the marketing team to meet Abby Norman.


What is your role at Hunterlodge?

I'm our Marketing Coordinator. 

And what projects are you currently involved in?

I'm involved in loads of different things. I look after all our content, social media and email marketing. I also manage our PR agency, get involved in pitches and do whatever else needs doing. 

Where are you from originally?

I was born in Colorado and I grew up in a tiny town in Illinois called Geneseo. I moved to London about four years ago to study and ended up staying. There is just something about the UK that I love - maybe it's the weather. 

So why advertising?

I'm new to the advertising industry. I joined Hunterlodge a few months ago after working in software for a few years. I sort of fell into advertising, but I have to say it's an exciting and thrilling industry to work in. No two days are the same and I get the opportunity to do one of my favourite things which is write, but I also get to use both the creative and analytic parts of my brain. So far I'm loving advertising. 

With such a strong focus on effectiveness at Hunterlodge, why does effectiveness matter so much to you?

I'm very competitive. That whole saying about winning isn't everything is rubbish. Why do something if you aren't in it to win it? Effectiveness to me is about doing everything in your power to do the best job you can possibly do. Why do something if you aren't going to put your heart and soul into it?

Some favourites now - favourite food?

I love to eat. Food is a top priority of mine. I absolutely love a turkey sandwich. I'm also a massive fan of Mexican food and being half Italian you can't beat homemade Gnocchi. 

Favourite colour?

Pink! It's about the only girly thing about me.

Favourite project you've worked on here at Hunterlodge or previously?

I'm pretty new to the Hunterlodge team so I'm not sure I can pick a favourite project just yet. Check back with me in a few months. 

Favourite thing to do with your spare time?

I'm sports mad. I love love love sport. I play football for Northwood Ladies FC. I also do triathlons and attend adult ballet classes. I start my weekends by attending Parkrun. It's one of my favourite things. My spare time is taken up mostly by sport, but I also enjoy cooking for my friends when I have the time. 

Tell us something we might not know about you?

I'm ambidextrous.

How about a random fact about you or something you find interesting?

Everyone has a unique tongue print, just like finger prints. 

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