Our series of staff interviews continue and this week we head over to our media department to meet, Paul Phillips. He's our media mogul and budding celebrity in the advertising industry. He's recently won a MediaWeek Award for work he's authored and been featured on The Drum. 


What is your role at Hunterlodge?

I'm the Head of Media.

And what projects are you currently involved in?

I'm currently focused on driving on-time applications in January for our wonderful education clients. 

Where are you from originally?

I was born and bred in the English Midlands. Nuneaton in Warwickshire, to be precise - famous also as the birthplace of novelist George Eliot, camp comedian Larry Grayson, film director Ken Loach and former guardian of our moral welfare, Mary Whitehouse. I now reside in Carshalton childhood home of Sir John Major and seventies glam rockers Mud. 

So why advertising?

Those outside the industry deride the profession, echoing the late Bill Hicks' 'kill youself' rant to all marketers. I throw back at them the words of Mark Twain: "Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising." I have no doubt that his sentiment was meant to be negative - that advertising simply inflates the value of small things - however, when those things have a positive social impact - like improving more people's career prospects through education, re-homing abandoned cats or affordable social housing and care for the elderly (all things that Hunterlodge works hard to achieve) - then I'm more than happy to wield that responsibility. 

With such a strong focus on effectiveness at Hunterlodge, why does effectiveness matter so much to you?

Who doesn't like doing things right? Having an engagement strategy deliver - or, indeed, exceed - the results you'd forecast is hugely rewarding and puts a spring in your heel en route to the next project. 

Some favourites now - favourite food?

Traditional Sunday roast - for the company and also for the crackling.

Favourite colour?

The colour of money.

Favourite project you've worked on here at Hunterlodge or previously?

The next one - there is nothing more alluring than the blank page and that unearthed nugget of insight. I also know I should get out more.

Favourite thing to do with your spare time?

At the moment I'm spending rare moments of down-time reading the novels of George Eliot. Having been born and raised in Nuneaton (Eliot's birth town), I was born in George Eliot Hospital and educated at George Eliot School - and when I discovered she also lived for a time in Rickmansworth I thought it was about time I read the work. And it's incredible - I'm currently three-quarters of the way through her canon. Next stop - the might Middlemarch. 

Tell us something we might not know about you?

I was Nuneaton & Bedworth's Poet of the Year 1987.

How about a random fact about you or something you find interesting?

My paternal uncle was the support act of former Nuneaton resident and late camp comedian, Larry Grayson. Also, when I was a child, the Fire Brigade had to be called to cut a bottomless cake tin from around my head. My twin brother and I had been playing soldiers, there was only one 'tin hat', for which we fought jealously, resulting in said call to the emergency services. 

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