Hunterlodge Advertising provides programmatic advertising to clients


The share of ads bought through programmatic technologies is estimated to grow from 28% in 2013, to almost half (47%) in 2014 and is forecast to reach 60-75% of total digital display advertising by 2017¹.

As a result of this, Hunterlodge Media is now working with ‘Admedo’ the number one DSP (demand side platform) to deliver successful RTB (real time bidding) campaigns for clients with the industries best technology.

Programmatic uses data about audience signals – activated via ad technology – to automate media buying across channels and devices. It’s about putting the customer at the heart of your marketing by making your insights real-time and your relationships personal. This makes it possible to take advantage of those moments that matter, by delivering the right message, at the right time, on the right device, to every connected prospect and customer.

Programmatic RTB Trading Ecosystem

The Admedo DSP integrates with over 28 display, mobile and data partners so that you can access 650 million unique users, 90 billion display and 8.5 billion mobile impressions monthly. This represents over 97% of all online reach.


Through working with Admedo we can select very specific target audiences such as demographic (gender, age, income etc), psychographic (mindset, interests, values, opinions and attitudes), behavioural (recent searches, credit card usage, etc.) and life stage (ACORN, HH composition etc). The programmatic buying platform takes these data points and uses them to run the campaign. The goal is not just to match the right ad with the right customer, but also the right context - especially the context that leads to the campaign objective being fulfilled.

By establishing set KPI’s and/or goals for the campaign, such as make an enquiry/sale, and placing tracking pixels on the destination site via our DSP, we could programmatically understand this data and serve advertising to look-a-like audiences to those making enquiries to make each campaign more efficient and more effective.

¹ Source: IAB (Internet Advertising Bureau)

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We specialise in creating the perfect blend of strategy, media, digital and creative to produce the most effective advertising possible for each individual client. Our incredible arsenal of people have amazing skills, knowledge and experience, driven by a purpose – to make effective advertising accessible to all clients.

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