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London South Bank University


This targeted approach across two channels clearly cut through to this hard-to-engage audience: on the Monday mornings on which this activity ran, Google Analytics recorded a five-fold increase in site traffic volumes and the client reported a similar increase in direct enquiries from non-traditional candidates.


To connect more effectively with non-traditional UG prospects, we heeded their relative time-poverty and narrow media repertoire and sought to engage them consistently at a time when the LSBU message would resonate most. We knew, from IPA TouchPoints data, that 56% of London-based 22-30 year olds without an undergraduate qualification were “feeling more stressed these days”, being 30% more likely than the average UK Adult to be working longer hours”. Thus, they were more than twice as likely to agree “I hate my job”.

We decided, then, to deliver our message at a time when this negative feeling was most profound: at the beginning of the working week. We devised a strategy of Monday morning commuter engagement, encouraging this disenchanted cohort to put positive change at the top of their weekly agenda.

We identified the 10 highest traffic London Underground stations near to LSBU’s campus and, to keep costs at a minimum, served our message on well-placed digital 6-sheets, exclusively between 6am and 10am on 4 consecutive Monday mornings. Our execution spoke directly to young commuters in that time and place: Another Monday morning? But our message encouraged them to consider the positive impact of change: Bring It On.

To extend our engagement of this audience further and, critically, to capture their response, we served high impact display ads to their mobile devices as they exited the stations. As they’d been travelling underground for an average of 20+ minutes, we knew that our audience would have been without a signal for some time so their first impulsive action would be to check their phone. Via our mobile partner, Targetoo, we can target mobile impressions to within 10 metres of a given postcode, so we targeted our digital impressions to the ten station exits during the same exclusive Monday morning time band to ensure that our message was served again, in clickable format, the moment they engaged with their mobile device.


Target non-traditional students to encourage them to learn more and enrol in LSBU courses.


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