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With over 30 years in the industry, Hunterlodge has a wealth of experience providing a wide range of business consultancy strategies and solutions. Whether this is filling strategic gaps within your organisation or providing better insight, planning, execution or evaluation techniques, we can offer solutions that will systematically transform the commercial performance of your sales and marketing functions.

We can quickly diagnose the root cause of your problems stemming your current performance and create a customised programme of services that seamlessly links strategy to action and turbo charges your sales and marketing performance.

Our consultancy services include:

Digital transformation – configuring digital information, management and automation systems along with implementing practical education, communications and engagement programmes that successfully drive behaviour change and complete the transformation journey

Data solutions - our data consultation, planning and implementation experts offer an adaptable, customisable and scalable service that allows you to discover and realise the value in your data, at a cost and pace that suits your business. Unlike other data service providers that overstate the value and potential of big data, we embrace dirty data – lifting the lid on the disparate, incomplete and fragmented reality that most companies face, fine tune data operations in line with the core business objective in question, then turbo charge business and marketing performance with data centres of success. This includes:

• Data audits

• Simplifying dirty data

• Managing disparate data sources

• Training

• Creating effective data strategies that provide valuable insight

• GDPR compliance

• Data purchase

• Data cleansing

• Data configuration

• Data policing

Salesforce expertise – from implementation through to integration, our expertise spans across:

• Strategy – helping set objectives

• Administration

• Customisation

• Training

• Configuration and field set up – e.g. RSS feeds and Google AdWords

• License assignment and de assignment

• Usage reporting

• Helpline

• Third party and systems integration e.g. LinkedIn

• Daily Monitoring

• Weekly and monthly management meetings

• Data control

• Data process definition

• Data uploads and deduping 

Eloqua – our extensive knowledge enables us to offer practical solutions to maximise effectiveness across individual requirements including:

• Accounts and user administration

• CRM integration – Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics

• Data definition and configuration including custom objects

• Data imports/exports and priorities from integrated systems

• Configuring data priority for Salesforce integration

• Creating Salesforce fields in Oracle Eloqua

• Account and contact management and configuration

• Closed-loop reporting

Asset management – successful implementation of systems that provide that essential intersection between marketing acceleration and sales empowerment:

• Digital asset management – indexing, face-recognition and auto-tagging

• Integration with Salesforce, HootSuite etc

• Content matching directly in Salesforce stage

• Integration with third party content platforms

• Individual, company, departmental and regional tailoring

• Easy and logical archiving

• Insight and asset usage reporting

Audience personas – we produce hybrid segmentation models, based on demographic and attitudinal data, drawn from your customer and business intelligence and our suite of statistical and research tools and partners.  Our method produces interesting and useful segments and personas rich enough to fuel the best media, messaging, creative and marketing strategies around.

Golden Circle workshops – brand exploration workshops that help define brand purpose and strategic direction, reversing the traditional method of talking to your customers through starting at the end with Simon Sinek’s ‘Golden Circle’ method

Brand Towers – incorporating strategic business components, integral marketing principles and key messaging to validate the brand fit of any potential marketing activity and provide structured brand architectures

Case Study

VGL Pick n Mix - Winner of a Financial Services Forum Award for Marketing Effectiveness


Success at every level – including generating 19,516 quotes (target 18,000), 2,326 orders (target 1,115) and 98 new leads (target 60). Ultimately, a return of £13 for every £1 invested.


In-depth data analysis uncovered key insights that gave our strategy, targeting and tactics the edge. And our creative execution perfectly brought to life the theme of picking and mixing from VGL’s vehicles, products and services.


We needed to significantly increase additional business within the public sector, using the Crown Commercial Service’s Supplier Portal (CCSSP). Targets included: 18,000 quotes, 1,115 orders and 60 new leads.


We specialise in creating the perfect blend of strategy, media, digital and creative to produce the most effective advertising possible for each individual client. Our incredible arsenal of people have amazing skills, knowledge and experience, driven by a purpose – to make effective advertising accessible to all clients.

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Tel: +44 (0)1923 714 949
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