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30th May 2018

Hybrid personas drive exceptional recruitment performance


Pearson Business School use student personas to drive targeting, channel selection, messaging and creative across all marketing resulting in YOY increase in recruitment of +69%


Hunterlodge interrogated three years of student recruitment and enrolment data to identify geographic and demographic patterns that defined distinct student profiles in the form of a ‘Persona Tree’. This starts with broad geography e.g. Greater London VS. Outside of London and branches at each layer by age, gender, and geodemographic classification to describe the range and representation of student profiles in the university.

These profiles were then cross-referenced with application and enrollment behaviour data across the entire recruitment funnel and external attitudinal data to identify prevailing attitudes to education and aspects of life.

The resulting personas where then subjected to clustering and correspondence analysis to establish similarities between groups at each level of ‘Persona Tree’ making them invaluable for targeting at macro and micro levels.


PBS wanted to know how to reach and convert more prospective students more efficiently through more effective targeting and communications in order to hit ambitious 2015-17 recruitment targets.

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