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25th October 2021

Hunterlodge Certified as a Carbon Neutral Business in 2021

Saving the planet starts with all of us.

Hunterlodge has doubled the offsetting amount, becoming Carbon Negative in 2021. Join us on our journey.

At Hunterlodge we are passionate about the environment and conform to the Environmental Management Standards of ISO 14001:2015 which is why we are delighted to announce that we’ve been certified as a Carbon Neutral Business. With guidance from Carbon Neutral Britain, we were able to identify our environmental impact by calculating carbon emissions – including homeworking during the pandemic – and were able to offset it for 2020 and beyond.

We also backed projects with the likes of the Woodland Trust, who support carbon offsetting and make a positive impact on the local wildlife, ecology and biodiversity as well as supporting Reforestation, Deforestation Prevention and Woodland Management Projects. This enabled us to take our carbon footprint of 8.86 tCO2 and double the offsetting amount, becoming Carbon Negative in 2021 (contributing more than our business footprint) – making an additional positive impact on climate change.

In the past decade, we have been committed to ensuring that our operations take into account any possible impacts on the environment. In fact, since 2017 and during the pandemic we have met and exceeded our objectives for the reduction of energy, paper wastage and landfill (increasing our recycling year on year by 6% and reduced our landfill by 10%). We have also invested in solar power, renewable energy and LED Lighting.

Generally, our sector is doing fantastic work to ensure businesses are responding to the challenges of net zero in terms of their operations and we believe that business can and must be a key driver for positive change. In the next decade to 2030, we want to build on this success by working as partners with our clients, supporting the community and the local environment, to influence on a scale that we couldn’t achieve on our own. As an example of this, we recently worked on a campaign with Gatwick Airport who are working to bringing their northern runway into routine use in a sustainable way as they pledge to reach Net Zero direct emissions before 2040.

Saving the planet starts with all of us.

Get in touch to join us on our journey and find out what Hunterlodge can do to make you more sustainable.

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