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16th July 2021

How much does it cost to make a successful podcast?

Making a successful podcast is not just a team effort, but incredibly rewarding and doesn’t cost the earth

Hunterlodge – Account Director, Nick Friend

In February we published an article on why you should consider podcasting to engage your audience in a way other mediums can’t.

Below we explore what it takes to make a successful podcast as well as address probably the first question on your lips – how much does it cost?

Whether you’re looking for a one-off podcast or a full series, there will never be a one size fits all, but by using our tried and tested approach we can deliver a best-in-class podcast series of six podcasts for as little as £20,000 or a one-off episode for £4,000.

Given that a recent study commissioned by the BBC found that organisations with branded podcasts enjoy an uplift of 89% in awareness, 57% in brand consideration and an incredible 14% in purchase intent, you shouldn’t have much trouble selling this in.

The below framework gives you an idea of the stages we would go through for a series of 6 podcasts, but we will tailor this to your brief and budget.


Strategy and project management: c.£8K

  • Full project scoping
    • Taking your brief, internal discussions and agreement on plan.
    • Developing full project plan and quoting for everything up front.
  • Full project management
    • Managing everything from start to end, continual liaison, briefings and WIP sessions with content strategy as well as the production studio.
    • Weekly status meetings including check ins on performance.
    • Organising the podcast recordings and working with you to take feedback and acting on it with the production house.
  • Competitor review
    • A full review of all similar podcasts and their purpose including any learnings that can be taken from them.
  • Briefing and commissioning of journalist
    • Our content strategist will recommend appropriate journalists and fully brief the selected journalist, including background on your business, the suite of podcasts, the angle we’re taking and anything else relevant.
  • Name and identity creation
    • Crafting of a succinct elevator pitch for the podcast.
    • Developing a name that’s simple, on brand and unique as well as an associated suite of icons for your podcast and the individual episodes.
  • Customer Journey development
    • Full customer journey seamlessly incorporating your paid / owned and earned channels.
  • Content strategy and deployment framework
    • Developing the approach to your podcasts including how the suite and each individual episode ladders up to your wider business strategy.
    • Planning of and creation of a full content calendar for your content and PR team to utilise across the campaign.
    • This will also include brainstorming any fun engagement ideas for the end of each episode e.g. What 3 learnings from lockdown will you take forward post pandemic?


Production: c.£12K

  • Recording of 6 x 15 minute Podcasts
    • Recording in a professional studio across 2 days. The podcasts will vary in length depending on the quality of the interview, but the length should be consistent across the series and based on audience listening habits.
  • Journalist research, preparation and presenting
    • Time to talk to the interviewees, craft the angle, practice, research the subject and record the podcasts. Costs are subject to the individual journalist, however, must allow for a day’s prep for each episode as well as recording for 2 days across all episodes.
  • Post-production including consultation and edits
    • All post-production of the 6 podcasts. The production studio will be on hand to answer any questions before (pre-prod), during (at the recording) and after (when reviewing edits) recording.
  • Editing and summaries
    • Full editing of each episode, cutting it down to the desired length and sense checking content.
    • One page summary of the episode including short sentence long summary for use on iTunes and on the website.
  • Music and Intro Voice Over
    • Royalty free music, selected in advance and one voice over artist who will introduce each podcast.
  • Mastering, Distribution and Data analysis through Omny Studio
    • Finalising each podcast for playout, uploading to iTunes and other podcast channels and then reviewing performance and engagement stats including listens (day and day part analysis) and subscribes – this will potentially inform timings for any subsequent series.
  • Audio and Visual Trailers (to run on social media)
    • Trailers will be produced to showcase the theme of the series. This will likely be a 30”- 1 minute short. We’ll also provide a visual trailer – recorded on one of the days. Both of these can be used as part of the wider content calendar to build momentum.
    • Audiograms of each episode for use in email on web and on social media.
  • Promotion on Podcast Radio
    • This is an added extra and will give the series extra exposure to podcast listeners.
  • All travel, refreshments and studio decoration
    • Expenses for journalist’s travel as well as light studio decoration e.g. coffee mugs, posters and microphone covers.


To find out how Hunterlodge can create a successful podcast for your brand, contact kim.mclellan@hunterlodge.co.uk

To read the success story of ‘Leading Edge’, our podcast series from Henley Business School, click here.

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